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I have put together a few packages of popular area combinations I have been asked for. If there are two or more areas that you are interested in having at the same time please message me for a price.





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  • Can Laser Hair Removal cause skin cancer?
    The light used during laser treatments doesn't have the same UV wavelengths as those found in sunlight which are known to cause skin cancer. There is NO RISK that laser hair removal can cause skin cancer. It is also completely safe to get laser hair removal if you have had skin cancer in past.
  • How old do you have to be to get Laser Hair Removal?
    There are no age restrictions when it comes to Laser Hair Removal but with females it is advised you wait until they have started their menstrual cycle. Hair is governed by our hormones and it's good to bear in mind that they don't settled until the late teens/early 20's. If you have laser hair removal too early you may need a maintenance session in the future if more hair growth appears. Using Initia's 'motion' mode, treatment is virtually pain-free. At consultation, we will discuss the sensation during a session and the importance of keeping the treated areas out of the sun. it is completely safe for children/teenagers to get laser hair removal and can save them a lot of embarrassment and boost their confidence as they already go through a tricky stage of life. If your son or daughter is struggling with unwanted hair growth and you think this could be a good solution for them, please get in touch.
  • What happens after my laser appointment?
    The area you've just had treated may look red and feel tingly. You might also have some little white bumps in the area. These are caused by the hair follicles being destroyed, it's completely normal and the sign of an effective treatment. Week 1: The area may start to look stubbly again and hair looks like it's growing straight back. Week 2 + 3: The shedding phase. Exfoliate the area lightly a few times a week and many of the hairs that are coming to the surface will shed out. Roughly 15-20% of hair is targeted at each session. Week 4, 5 + 6: During these weeks the hair that hasn't been targeted during treatment will start to regrow. Regrowth may seem slower and any hair reappearing can be finer. The day before your next treatment, shave any hair growth in the area ready for your next session.

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Meet Charlotte

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Hi, I'm Charlotte

17 years experience in the beauty industry

7 years as beauty salon owner

After years in the beauty industry, I specialise in Laser Hair Removal. Helping my clients achieve long-lasting results is something I love!

My motto: I'm here to get you results!

Get in touch with any questions you have or book a consultation via the link below. There is no obligation to go ahead with treatment if you don't think it's right for you.

“I'm on my 4th session and the treatments have exceeded my expectations. I've stopped shaving my underarms and there's little regrowth each time I have my next treatment. Charlotte is very knowledgeable and talks me through each stage of the process."